Plane of Ghostly Ferrous Lava

My humble attempt at using the Ionian Ontology generator from Liche’s Libram blog as an inspiration for a plane of existence.

Based on this prompt:

This world is an expanse, mostly void, with 3 dimensions organized into a sphere with a single point which is the "center" or "bottom" of the universe. There are three elements: magma, iron, and ectoplasm, which settle in concentric shells around the center in that order. The elements can spontaneously transmute according to the order:

magma → iron → ectoplasm

Small but regular amounts of magma are spontaneously generated in vacuum conditions. The more intelligent entities are observing something, the faster things get.

This plane consists of 6 concentric spherical layers:

  • Surface.

  • Upper ferrous layer.

  • Intermediate magmatic ocean.

  • Ethereal void.

  • Lower ferrous layer.

  • Magmatic core.

On the surface, gaseous ectoplasmic compounds form a bleak foggy atmosphere. Liquid ectoplasm forms a slimy turquoise tinged ocean. From the ocean jut out dark gray angular islands. Edges of the upper ferrous layer piercing from below. Surface is inhabited by various life forms based on either ectoplasm, iron or combination of the two. Ghostly pirates roam the surface ocean on their ethereal barges.

From the surface islands you can descend into the vast hallway network of the upper ferrous layer. Angular and seemingly man made. Cold near the surface and hotter the closer you get towards the intermediate magmatic ocean. Inhabited by all kinds of mechanical constructs. Some of them have an ability to create a vacuum inside a special chamber inside their body (accompanied by a loud his). This materialized a glob of magma inside the chamber which they then eject at the enemies. Hallways and chambers are filled with random jumble of machines, small and large and often interconnected. Their purpose is a mystery but the living constructs guard them jealousy. Although everything here looks man made there are no traces of civilization who’d build it.

Touching the bottom of the upper ferrous layer is a vast magmatic ocean. Inhabited by leviathan sized creatures made of iron and magma. There are thin hollow pillars connecting the upper ferrous layer with the ethereal void beneath. Although incredibly hot, they’re the safest path to the inner half of this plane.

Ethereal void is separated from the magmatic ocean by a crust of crystalline ectoplasm. A false sky illuminating the vast expanse below it. Smaller and larger chunks of lower ferrous layer float through the foggy emptiness of the ethereal void, slowly evaporating into a gaseous ectoplasm. Inhabited by various flying beasts with mostly ectoplasmic makeup. Settlements can be found scattered on the floating chunks of iron. Their inhabitants use small gliders and their knowledge of the local air currents to get around.

Similarly to the upper ferrous layer, the lower ferrous layer also houses a vast network of tunnels piercing it from the top to the bottom. Unlike the upper ferrous layer however, the tunnels of the lower ferrous layer are mostly natural looking, resembling the caverns of the material plane. Various analogues to the underground creatures however made mostly of iron inhabit this place. They’re often larger than usual and similarly to the living constructs they sometimes possess ability to naturally belch magma.

At the core of the whole plane lies a spherical magmatic core. In the center of this core is a stable area of pure vacuum, Vortex Centralis. This vacuum periodically produces magma which is immediately pushed out. Through the natural transmutation of the base elements, magma solidifies into iron which then evaporates into ectoplasm. Area of the magmatic core is mostly uninhabited, due to immense heat and pressure inside it, save for an ancient wyrm coiled around the Vortex Centralis.

Time passes in a weird way on this plane. More sentient creatures are observing something faster the time flows and vice versa. This means ships sail faster and machines work better if observed and conversely food spoils slower if stashed away, bodies decompose slower if buried and wounds heal slower if banaged. Some say the plane is functioning the way it is only thanks to the ancient wyrm constantly observing the Vortex Centralis and as such it’s often revered as the patron of the entire plane.