The Dungeon of Graves - Session 8

    <- Previous session. Party returns to  the Three River Coast. The Story So Far October 20th 2021 Radish, Druid 2 Sorbo, Half-Elf 1 Grudge, Fighter 2 Milo Crest, Fighter 1, Retainer Ezrus Farmer, Paladin 1, Retainer Pumba, Adult Boar, Pet Not willing to take up the Duke on his offer of a job, party decided to head back to Zelkor's Ferry. They renegotiated a deal with Milo and Ezrus. Ezrus being convinced only by the promise of purging evil cultists of Orcus from Castle Calaelen. On their way back they passed through the village of Raudlam. A stop they've made once already. On a muddy square in front of the local tavern they noticed hastily built gallows. Hanged by a noose, there was a corpse of a young girl. One of her legs was a wooden prosthetic. Her hair was crudely cut/shaven and her arms and face was covered in bruises fresh and old. Party surmised it must be one of the people they saw entering the forest couple days ago. Mood at the tavern was sombre and villagers w

The Dungeon of Graves - Session 7

    <- Previous session. We've had somewhat irregular more rp based session this time. The Story So Far October 13th 2021 Sorbo, Half-Elf 1 Radish, Druid 1 Bogomir Gotfridovich, Dwarf 1 Grudge, Fighter 2 Milo Crest, Fighter 1, Retainer Ezrus Farmer, Paladin 1, Retainer Pumba, Young Boar, Pet With several members afflicted by the mark of Orcus, the party decided to seek out spiritual help. Asking Ezrus, a local adventurer, they found out the Church of St. Octave in Newthorn, the capital of the Duchy, might have answers. As they were buying rations and equipment for the four day trip, Rasmus offered them a job of delivering a shipment of goods to his business partner in Newthorn. The shipment even included some pieces, party itself recovered from the dungeon. The first couple days passed without an incident. As they entered the more densely populated area of the duchy, they even managed to find an inn to sleep at. Local villagers were greatly impressed by seeing an actual group of

The Dungeon of Graves - Session 6

   <- Previous session. The Story So Far October 10th 2021 Grudge, Fighter 2 Radish, Druid 1 Bogomir Gotfridovich, Dwarf 1 Ganon, Magic-User 1 Sorbus, Half-Elf 1 Kip Kilgaughan, Halfling 1 Naemo Scales,  Outlaw 0, Retainer Pumba, Young Boar, Pet It was 27th of Figver, year 789 CL. 10th day since Grudge and various other adventurers started exploring the area around the Zelkor's Ferry. After a day of recuperation following their night raid on Castle Calaelen, they party has awoken to a sunny day with clear weather. Only thing ruining their breakfast was loud complaining of Gaebriel, the elven adventurer, about the quality of their porridge. Odo, the barkeep, was nowhere to be seen and as such Gumbel, the cook, had to bear the brunt of the Gaebriel's derision. As they found out, Odo was handling a bit of an situation. Duke's men doubled down on hunting outlaws in the easternmost parts of the coast, closer to the Coast Road. Some of the outlaws managed to flee westwards and

The Dungeon of Graves - Session 5

  <- Previous session. Bringing you the report of the fifth session of our open table campaign. The Story So Far October 3rd 2021 Radish, Druid 1 Grudge, Fighter 2 Ray, Fighter 3 Ewly, Cleric 2 Marius, Elf 1 Pumba, Young Boar, pet After few days of drinking, fishing and proselytizing, the party was ready to head out into the dungeon again. Making their way down to the common room at the Bristleback's Inn, they saw a newly arrived elven adventurer being accosted by a pet meerkat. Radish tried to get the meerkats attention but it was swatted away by the elf before he could do much. Party sat a table and discussed their option. The way to the second level was barred by iron constructs in shape of insect-snake hybrids. Not liking they chances with mundane weapons, they decided to see Old Ulman and ask him for some potent acid. He had two bottles at hand and agreed to prepare two more for them in two days. He also offered them coin should they bring him glands from fire or oil spewin

The Dungeon of Graves - Session 4

<- Previous session. Another week, another expedition into the ancient dungeon. The Story So Far September 26th 2021 Grudge, Fighter 1 Ray, Fighter 2 Radish, Druid 1 Milo Crest, Fighter 1, retainer Pumba, Young Boar, pet In the downtime before the session, Radish the Druid ventured into the nearby forest looking for an animal to tame. He came upon a young boar which very nearly gored him, before he was able to enchant it with his druidic magic. Party rehired Milo, who bought himself a shield and an axe between the sessions, intent on following Grudge's martial example. They agreed to try again for the bounty on the River Rats bandits and so ventured into the Mouth of Doom. After some initial confusion about which door to take, they arrived at the entrance to the bandits' hideout. Making a good use of surprise, the party killed two bandits and knocked one unconscious. The remaining bandit thrown his weapon down and surrendered. After some quick interrogation the bandit reveal

6 Questionably Useful Magic Items

Soggy Bowler Hat  - Immediately teleports the wearer to the closest body of water large enough to fully submerge them. Has d4+1 charges. Leave overnight in a marshy pond to replenish charges. Unfashionably green and constantly soaked. Battle Surgeon Banner  - When planted, summons a grumpy battle-hardened surgeon. They randomly pick d4 wounded or recently deceased creatures within 60' of the banner. Spending one round on each patient, they restore d6 hp to them. Has d4+1 charges. Charges cannot be replenished.  Off white, torn up and stained with blood. Glove of Challenge  - When thrown at a creature, you challenge them to a single combat. They cannot refuse. They set the terms (to death vs to first blood, weapons, etc.). If defeated, they'll do one thing for you. No one considers the challenge socially inappropriate. Cannot be used more than once on the same target by the same person. Made of garish purple velvet. Flowery Comb of Untangling  - When swiped in a wide arc, undoes

The Dungeon of Graves - Session 3

  <- Previous session. Scheduling difficulties have finally caught up to me. Due to several people having to cancel at the last minute, this was a rather short session with just two players. The Story So Far September 19th 2021 Grudge, Fighter 1 Oleg, Fighter 1 Eli Wax, Half-elf 1, retainer Milo Crest, retainer After arriving at the Bristleback's Inn, party noticed a hastily built notice board hanging on the wall next to the counter. Pinned on it was a parchment proclaiming monetary reward for the bandits they met inside the dungeon yesterday. Enticed by the possible reward but not liking their chances, Grudge and Oleg hired on Eli as an additional muscle and Milo as a torchbearer. As they were nearing the ruined cottage, that lies north of the Mouth of Doom, Grudge noticed several figures trailing them. They kept their distance and tried to hid behind trees and bushes. It was hard to tell from the distance but it seemed they had unusually long necks and limbs, had four arms and